These Q & A will not apply to larger scale jobs such as weddings, and this is also not an all-inclusive list.  Please keep in mind that I will always have a one on one consultation before each session to go over all the fun details so that together we can decide how to turn your session into a wonderfully unique experience to exceed all your expectations.

If you don’t find the answers you are looking for on this page and would like to chat about anything further, please refer to the contact page.

How long will my session last?

For a standard session I usually block out up to two hours just to be on the safe side as there are so many factors that will determine how long your session will last.  Some sessions may be wrapped up in well under an hour when all the stars align and all odds are in our favor but let’s be real….that doesn’t happen often.

I work with a lot of families involving small children, animals, newborns, impatient dads and stressed out mommies and all of these beautiful beings can sometimes require a little extra patience, love and time and I make sure I have plenty of each for everyone.

Weather can also play a factor as we wait out a tiny rain cloud or make a slight location change due to a larger rain cloud.

Senior and graduate sessions sometimes take longer due to wardrobe, prop, and setting changes.

Any use of extra equipment such as lighting, umbrellas, larger props, etc will require a bit of set up time as well.

Newborns sessions will almost always be scheduled for larger time blocks as newborn photography requires a great deal of patience, slow and gentle set changes, rocking and snuggling, feedings and diaper changes and a lot of extra TLC.

As long as the client, as well as all the surrounding elements allow, I will continue to shoot until I feel that I have adequately captured what is desired.

How many finished images will I receive?

A good standard # is up to 50, however I do not like to limit myself if there is an abundance of great work to choose from.  Some sessions can achieve everything desired in just 30-35 finished images and in some circumstances it may be 70-75 or anywhere between.  It really depends on the individual session and what all it entails.  Again, each and every session is unique and different and I do not believe in trying to fit any one session into a box with limits and rules.  If that is what you are looking for you may want to stick to the department store studios.

Do I need to bring props or anything with me?

I have an arsenal of props and fun things to bring to the party and if you have something special you would like included in your photos, I absolutely want you to bring it!  That being said, everyone has different opinions and ideas for their personal session experience so this is another detail to be discussed individually before each session.

Am I allowed more than one outfit?

The answer is yes of course!  I want your session to be what YOU want it to be so if your vision requires wardrobe changes then let’s discuss the details of your different looks that you are going for so that we can plan accordingly!

What if it rains?

Well, we live in FL so there is always a chance of rain.  We will work around it as much as we can and if that proves to not be possible, then I will gladly reschedule and try to work you back in to my schedule quickly.  Some of the most gorgeous sunset beach sessions happen right before or after a storm, and the right kind of cloudy skies can make the most beautiful backdrop, so I do tend to gamble with the weather a bit to get the best shots, until it means jeopardizing my equipment, at which point I would call it.

How long will it take to receive my finished images?

I like to say up to 2 weeks just to give myself time for anything unexpected that could arise, however, my typical procedure is to get them done the day following your session and usually have them released to you within a couple of days!  Times will vary during busier seasons as well.  So I guess the answer is generally between 2 days and 2 weeks.